The Coaching Framework Builder

Your Signature Coaching Framework Awaits

Build instant authority and become a highly impactful financial coach by developing your own coaching methodology and delivering it through a results-driven program structure.


Sell a coaching program you know will get results, with the confidence of the money expert you already are

...but are probably not giving yourself enough credit for

Through The Coaching Framework Builder, you'll be able to:


Craft your signature financial coaching framework


Package your framework into an effective coaching program that gets results


Become known within your niche as the leader and go-to expert

There's just one problem...

You have no idea how to create a coaching methodology (or if you're even allowed to??)

  • You're beyond passionate about helping people with their finances, but feel like you need to offer more than just "jumping on a Zoom call with me" to be able to charge for coaching.
  • Yeah, imposter syndrome may also be getting the best of you, and you're not sure if you're really that much of an expert to be able to have your own framework and coach others through the process...
  • Plus, you've Googled it, tried figuring out what other coaches are doing through "observational research", and still, you just can't quite figure out what an effective coaching program would (or could) entail.
  • You're at a loss, but ever day (err month) you put off launching your coaching offering, you lose out on potential clients and finally starting this coaching business (or really legitimizing the coaching you're already doing)

Here's the truth

It doesn't have to be this way

There's a simple and straightforward process to becoming a true expert for your clients and delivering a transformative financial coaching experience... I've seen it work for 50+ money coaches in my one-on-one work, and I know it can work for you too, no matter your experience.


"This program provides the systems, tools and how-to’s that took me from a gazillion ideas to a specific, well-defined program that I’m super excited to be offering to the world."

Kelley, Financial Bliss Coach

The Coaching Framework Builder

A self-study course that will share the exact steps you need to know for establishing your unique financial coaching methodology and packaging it into an effective and sellable coaching program.

Proven Roadmap

Four concrete steps to work through with accompanying "task work" that will get you the data and education you need to watch your framework and program come to life.

Scripts and Templates

Telling you what to do is great, giving you the tools to actually implement and make it happen makes your life easier and the results you'll get from this program inevitable. (That's how we do!) 

Online Tools Checklist

There are things you need, and a LOT of things you don't need. You'll get the full breakdown of how to build your life-changing coaching program for $100 and $10,000 and you choose which you prefer.

Library of How-To's

Actually learn how to outline and write up a video lesson, how to use all those online tools, how to do all the things (not just what to do).

Here's what you'll learn

The Coaching Framework Builder Curriculum

Step 1

Money Coaching Business Model

All your prevailing questions about money coaching and building a coaching business will be answered here. Learn what you can really do as a money coach, the three stages of a thriving coaching business, why most businesses fail, and how YOU will succeed.

Step 2

Client-Centric Framework & Program

The riches are in the niches... and so are all the big and small details and elements you'll need to include in your coaching framework. Using my Market Research Blueprint, you'll go beyond guessing to knowing exactly what your ideal clients want and need from a coach and a program, and you'll be shocked at how effortless your framework comes together from there.

Step 3

Impactful Program Structure & Packaging

How it comes together so that you can deliver your framework in the most effective and results-driven manner is what will make you an invaluable coach. Discover the E-cubed Method to program structure and delivery, how to create a lesson or training, and of course, this is when your signature framework will be born.

Step 4

Build & Deliver Your Program

Sick of being told what to do, but never taught how to do it? Afraid of having this amazingly transformative program, but then having to spend an arm and a leg (aka $$$$$$) to deliver it to your clients? This step covers my "must-have" business tools checklist (because "less is more" and it really can cost you under $200 per year) and walks you through exactly how to use the various recommended tools

How does this sound?

Your life after The Coaching Framework Builder...

  • Feeling like you have something tangible to offer people when they inquire about working with you.
  • Having so much confidence in your process and how you work with your clients.
  • Being able to easily articulate your ideal client's needs, challenges, and the solution you have for them.
  • Hearing your clients thank you, refer others to you, and rave about your process and how much you've changed their lives with your work together.
  • Being known and referred to as the founder of your signature framework and financial coaching methodology.

Jenny Overcame Analysis Paralysis to build a framework and launch a program her audience was begging her for:

"With Tess' help, I’ve gained the confidence I needed to be a financial coach! I was able to make my investment back and it was 100% worth it!"

Tionna took her business full-time after learning the secrets of framework-building:

"Tess has helped me build my confidence, I’m confident in my program, I’m confident in my business, I’m confident in the fact that I can help the women that I serve get to their financial goals as well."

Ready to bring your framework to life? Choose your payment plan:

Pay in Full


  • 4-Step Coaching Framework Builder Curriculum
  • Weekly Implementation Tasks for Inevitable Progress
  • Calculators, Workbooks, and Templates for Easy Action Taking
  • Self-Study Learning Experience with Lifetime Access

3 monthly payments of


  • 4-Step Coaching Framework Builder Curriculum
  • Weekly Implementation Tasks for Inevitable Progress
  • Calculators, Workbooks, and Templates for Easy Action Taking
  • Self-Study Learning Experience with Lifetime Access

And there is more!

When you enroll, you'll also get these awesome bonuses:

Bonus #1

Client Onboarding Email Templates

Easy, plug-n-play templates to help you seamlessly get clients in the door during the sales conversation and set up with all their onboarding steps.

Bonus #2

Payment Collection Mini-Trainings

Ok, you have a killer program, but how do you actually collect payment over the internet, affordably, without having a souped up website or course platform? I gotchu!

Bonus #3

Money Coaching Value Tracker

Worth the entire investment of CFB... don't ever let your clients (or yourself) doubt the value of your program. Use this calculator to SHOW how valuable working with a money coach really is.

Plus a fast-action bonus

Three Plug-n-Play Canva Sales Page Templates

Sign up today and get access to our high-converting sales page templates. Fully customizable in Canva. Free to create and launch your very own website-based sales page. Plus, most of the written copy already done for you.


Meet your teacher

Hi, I'm Tess

Founder of The Coaching Framework Builder. I know how it feels to be a new and frustrated money coach, to doubt your prices, your ability to create unforgettable results, and whether 1:1 coaching can really be a sustainable business model.

I considered myself an expert in the world of finance, and I desperately wanted to help others with their money, make a bigger impact (and income), and prove to myself that I had what it took to build my own coaching business.

But I had so much holding me back...

- my perfectionism

- too many experts that I had oversubscribed to

- shiny-object syndrome to the MAX

- absolute zero clarity in who I wanted to help and how I could help them.

Oh, and an internal dialogue that told me I’d never run a sustainable coaching business from Europe (where I was about to be living, indefinitely).


All of this held true until I hit a breaking point...

I made myself three big commitments: 

  1. To prove myself wrong about the sustainability of a virtual, overseas, money coaching business.
  2. To stick with ONE thing (one framework + one program) for a year, and make it the best ever.
  3. To leave my ego at the door, and get back to business marketing & sales basics when going all-in on my revamped coaching venture.

What happened next? 

Within 6 months, I had a fully booked-out client roster and built a sustainable coaching business where my clients were getting incredible results and referring others to me – all without working more hours, paying for ads, or getting certified. Soon, other money coaches started asking how they could replicate the same results in THEIR business.

This is possible for you too.

Your path to your coaching framework


Join The Coaching Framework Builder

Click the enrollment button and follow the checkout steps. In minutes, you'll get an email with your login details.


Dive in and take fast, imperfect action

Get instant access to the first step. Can’t start right away? It's okay, you have lifetime access to the course.


Launch, sell, and deliver your impactful program

Finally feel confident to build your framework and launch your program. You'll learn (and begin to do) everything you need to succeed. 


Tara built a sustainable side-hustle from creating her coaching program:

"I had been helping friends and family for years, for free, and Tess really helped me create a sustainable product that I can use to get paying clients and help so many more people with their finances."

Kari used CFB principles to create her signature offer and hit her first $10k month:

"I got really clear on who I’m working with and the problem I’m solving. Now, I have so much confidence in my offer, my package, my system..."

Are you ready to be the founder of your own signature coaching methodology?

All of your questions and curiosities are about to be answered. Learn from a money coach who has been there, done that (and more), and a business coach who has helped guide 50+ fellow financial coaches to build their signature frameworks and effectively launch their coaching programs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Real talk, my friend

It's your time to be a leader in this industry, and an authority within your niche.

Building your own business is a challenge, but becoming a money coach and seeing the impact you have on your clients is one of the most fulfilling things you'll do.

Make the process simpler and the journey to that goal shorter by learning from a seasoned financial coach, and a business coach to money coaches... we've been there, done that, and you don't have to make the same mistakes we have - you can skip all those steps and just implement to see results.

Here's what's waiting for you on the other side:

  • A proven process to build your own coaching framework (even if you still don't feel like an "expert")
  • All the help you need to implement and take action, from workbooks to calculators, to nearly-done-for-you templates.
  • How-to guides (no figuring it out on your own)
  • So much more!
Ready to bring your framework to life? Choose your payment plan:

Pay in Full


  • 4-Step Coaching Framework Builder Curriculum
  • Weekly Implementation Tasks for Inevitable Progress
  • Calculators, Workbooks, and Templates for Easy Action Taking
  • Self-Study Learning Experience with Lifetime Access

3 monthly payments of


  • 4-Step Coaching Framework Builder Curriculum
  • Weekly Implementation Tasks for Inevitable Progress
  • Calculators, Workbooks, and Templates for Easy Action Taking
  • Self-Study Learning Experience with Lifetime Access