Build Your Life-Changing Money Coaching Program

and make a bigger impact & income in 90 days

Building a Financial Coaching Business is Overwhelming and sometimes... Scary Uncomfortable

Most coaches will spend months building a website, brainstorming their blog and/or podcast name, and thousands of hours creating content hoping that their ideal clients might magically stumble upon their posts and inquire about their services.

They'll wait, and wait, and wait, until they really feel like “enough” of an expert, or overanalyze getting certified or not, before they put their first “offer” out there.

Sometimes they'll work up the nerve to message a potential client or two!

But the once in a blue moon chance they get someone onto a sales call, they doubt their abilities to deliver real results, so they quickly offer a one-off “trial” session, or they become apologetic about their package and price, and let the prospect walk away.

Eventually, these coaches give up. I don’t blame them! Feeling desperate sucks. And knowing that you can help people, yet getting actively or passively rejected, can be soul-crushing.... 

But it DOES NOT have to be this way!

Can you imagine...

  • Having more than enough high-ticket money coaching clients who are getting unbelievable results, and thanking you for them.
  • Knowing exactly what content to create in order to build a tribe of raving fans, and to truly believe this business model is sustainable.
  • Being able to price and sell your coaching services without feeling sleezy or “salesly”.
  • Going full-time as an online financial coach, traveling the world, working from your laptop, and making a huge impact.

All without building a fancy website, getting a million social media followers, spending years writing a blog, or waiting to get certified?

That’s why I can't wait to introduce you to The Wealthy Coach Blueprint!
If you're ready to start making real progress in your coaching business,


The Wealthy Coach Blueprint was built for money coaches, by a money coach. With the understanding of the unique nuances and challenges that coaches helping clients with their money naturally face.

Whether you're an aspiring or brand new coach looking to get your first coaching clients, or a seasoned coach frustrated with your current offerings and lackluster results, this program is for you.

The blueprint introduces you to the key foundational elements you need to have in place in order to build a scalable and thriving financial coaching business.

When you implement this proven system...

Spending way too much time thinking and ideating, but also stalling, procrastinating, and striving for perfection.
Getting focused, knowing exactly what to do each day and week, and taking fast action for forward progress & momentum.

Getting overwhelmed researching how to grow your following on every social platform and understanding funnels.
Having a simple, clear, step-by-step blueprint to follow that's proven to attract clients without all the bells & whistles.

Doubting your ability to coach and deliver a life-changing program, and having no idea what a money coaching package even looks like.
Building your own life-changing financial coaching program complete with your signature framework, knowing the components to a results-based offering.
If you're ready to stop second-guessing, and start offering your services as a money coach, but you also need someone who has "been there, done that" to guide the way...

I created The Wealthy Coach Blueprint for you!

A 1-on-1 Business Coaching Mentorship to help New, Aspiring, and Seasoned Money Coaches Build Their Life-Changing Coaching Program and Make More Income & Impact in 90 days.


Signing up for The Wealthy Coach Blueprint was the best decision I made for my (now) money coaching business. I had been helping friends and family for years, for free, and Tess really helped me create a sustainable product that I can use to help so many more people with their finances.

The Wealthy Coach Blueprint walks you through everything from business mindset to marketing and sales and then on to getting paying clients and delighting those clients. Before working with Tess, I had never tried my hand at business and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work through this program. Within two months of working with Tess, I had my program outlined and paying clients! There is no way possible that I could have gotten that far without her guidance and support.


I started my coaching business working with family and friends for free to gain the exposure and the experience. I came into the new year and I was still basically doing the work for free or if I was charging it wasn’t nearly enough to what I thought I deserved and to meet my financial goals too.

Within 2 months of me working with Tess, I made my investment back, plus some. Now I have consistently been hitting 4-figure months, and without a doubt, I owe it all to Tess. Without this, I don’t know how long it would have taken me to even reach this goal. I had been months without making anything. I felt drained, I felt overwhelmed, I felt defeated, but now I can honestly say, Tess has helped me build my confidence, I’m confident in my program, I’m confident in my business, I’m confident in the fact that I can help the women that I serve get to their financial goals as well.


For 8 years I’ve been trying to do coaching of some sort or another. Doing it on my own, taking millions of group coaching courses, but I was never really implementing, taking action on what I needed to be doing, or getting that feedback and accountability. 

Working with Tess, just changed everything for me! This is probably the first program that I have actually finished. I’m actually making money, I made my investment PLUS back, and that’s super exciting.

Now, I have so much confidence in my offer, my package, my system… it all came together. The Wealthy Coach Blueprint was, by far, the best investment I have ever made in my coaching career (which has been 8 years now!) and I’m just super glad that I took a chance, that I listened to my intuition (even when I was scared), I jumped in, and that now–90 days out– I’m now in a profitable coaching business that I absolutely love that is 100% authentically me.

So, what is The Wealthy Coach Blueprint anyways?

The Wealthy Coach Blueprint is a 12-week program that teaches you how to craft an irresistible financial coaching offer, find clients who will buy, and sell your program with ease. The only comprehensive business building program on the market that's focused on marketing and sales, and specifically made for money coaches, by a money coach.

By the end of the program, you’ll…

  • Know exactly who your ideal clients are, what it is they want, and how to find and attract them into your community and client roster.
  • Have your very own signature coaching framework, perfectly suited for your ideal clients, which makes it easy to market and sell.
  • Be well on your way to filling up your client roster, and making more money in your business than ever before.
  • The confidence in what your role is as a money coach, how to support your clients and deliver them a life-changing experience, and the certainty of the value you bring as a coach.

No more struggling. No more worrying. No more wasting time.

Here's how the program breaks down...

Your money coaching business

Get acquainted with the program and learn the basics of running and operating a sustainable & scalable coaching business. , and get exposed to your new success mindset.

In phase one, you’re going to:

  • Learn what money coaching is & what it isn't and get exposed to your new success mindset.
  • Understand the business model and timeline of your financial coaching business.
  • Establish some important and informative financial goals to help you learn what it will take to go full-time in your business with my Revenue Goals Calculator.

The wealthy coach mindset

Struggling with imposter syndrome and procrastination? Get to the root cause of what’s keeping you stuck and preventing you from moving forward.

In phase two, you’re going to:

  • Learn the power of your subconscious mind and how to reprogram your mind using my 3x3 goal setting method.
  • Make success inevitable by stepping into your wealthy coach identity through establishing your Daily Richual.

Refine your niche market

This phase will help you make the “make-or-break” decision for your business... determining your niche and ideal client profile.

In phase three, you’re going to:

  • Learn the importance of determining a niche and how to validate your ideal client.
  • Conduct market research to learn what makes your niche market tick.
  • Aggregate and analyze your data and utilize the perspectives gained to help develop your brand message and coaching offer.

Craft your life-changing offer

Now that you know WHO you're developing a solution for, it's time to pull all your market research efforts together to create your life-changing money coaching program.

In phase four, you’re going to:

  • Learn what creates a compelling, high-ticket offer and how you can use the power of co-creation and your unique expertise to create a transformational experience for your ideal client.
  • Learn my pre-selling strategy to create a program without risk (wasting time or money).
  • Develop your program using my simple E-Cubed and 4x4x4 formulas.

Find, attract, and convert clients

With your program crafted and your signature framework developed, it's time to shout about this greatness from the rooftops and let your ideal clients know that this life-changing solution exists!

In phase five, you’re going to:

  • Learn how most coaches overwhelm and overwork themselves when it comes to marketing. (And learn the much simpler process to marketing.)
  • Select your platform and learn how to create content that will establish you as an authority figure and help your audience easily convert into paying clients when the time presents itself.
  • Learn the 3 C Marketing Method and get access to my exclusive Content Matrix that will help you develop 6+ months of content in just 3 hours!

Price and sell your offer

Never doubt your prices again. Establish a price for your offer that you can feel confident in, and learn how to position yourself to sell your offer at that price point.

In phase six, you’re going to:

  • Identify your sales mindset and become a master of it with our powerful reframes.
  • Understand the full sales process, including pre-, during, and post-sales call, and use my Sales Process Checklist to guide you with each potential sale.
  • Get launch post templates and my wildly effective sales call script to help you nail the sales call and handle and respect objections with grace.

Conduct your coaching

In this phase, you will understand what it takes to provide a delightful and life-changing coaching experience for your clients. 

In phase seven, you’re going to:

  • Learn the anatomy of a successful coaching call.
  • Know how to personalize your program for individual client needs.
  • Learn how to get rave reviews and referrals from your best clients and keep them coming back for more. (email templates included)

Seamless business operations

Building your public-facing business to attract and convert clients is only one part of it, delivering your coaching and managing the back-end is another.

In phase eight, you’re going to:

  • Learn how to organize your work-week to manage all the operations in your business.
  • Get access to my simple CRM system to manage multiple clients at once.
  • Develop systems around client onboarding and offboarding.
We've built implementation into the curriculum to make sure you reach the finish line...

12 weekly one-to-one coaching sessions to clarify curriculum training, workshop ideas, work through mindset blocks, and more.


We'll set weekly to-do's that move the needle for your business, then hold you accountable to get them done!


Messaging support for all your mid-week questions. Expect voice memos and quick video trainings to help you get the answer.


You're not expected to do it all on your own. Get access to templates, calculators, and other mind-blowing business tools.

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I'm Tess.

Founder of The Wealthy Coach Blueprint. I know how it feels to be a new and frustrated money coach, to doubt your prices, your ability to create unforgettable results, and whether 1:1 coaching can really be a sustainable business model.

I considered myself an expert in the world of finance, and I desperately wanted to help others with their money, make a bigger impact (and income), and prove to myself that I had what it took to build my own coaching business.

But I had so much holding me back:

- my perfectionism

- too many experts that I had oversubscribed to

- shiny-object syndrome to the MAX

- absolute zero clarity in who I wanted to help and how I could help them.

Oh, and an internal dialogue that told me I’d never run a sustainable coaching business from Europe (where I was about to be living, indefinitely).

All of this held true until I hit a breaking point where I made myself three big commitments: 

  1. To prove myself wrong about the sustainability of a virtual, overseas, money coaching business.
  2. To stick with ONE thing for a year, and make it the best ever.
  3. To leave my ego at the door, and get back to business marketing & sales basics when going all-in on my revamped coaching venture.


What happened next? 

Within 6 months, I had a fully booked-out client roster and built a sustainable coaching business where my clients were getting incredible results and referring others to me – all without working more hours, paying for ads, or getting certified. Soon, other money coaches started asking how they could replicate the same results in THEIR business

So, I put together a program to teach my signature  step-by-step process that has allowed me to build my booked-out coaching business in less than a year, and generate a full-time income in my coaching business. That is how "The Wealthy Coach Blueprint" was born!

Are you a perfect fit?

  • You know you want to help people with money, you are looking to start your online coaching business and get your first clients, but you don't know where to start.
  • You already consider yourself a Financial, Wealth, or Money Coach and you're looking to take your online coaching businesses from working with 1 or 2 clients at a time, to having a fully booked-out roster of clients.
If any of these sounds like you, keep reading, because you’re exactly where you need to be.
I can't wait to welcome you into The Wealthy Coach Blueprint!
I'm not a regular business coach, I'm a cool business coach!


- I’ve built a booked-out money coaching business, without designations or certifications, without a big following, and while living abroad.

- I’ll give you proven systems & structure to accomplish your goals every single week.

- I teach you how to make your first sale without spending any money on ads.

- I provide personalized feedback to help you feel confident in serving your clients.

- I support you with LIVE interactions, as well as unlimited daily support.

- I am 100% results-driven - you get lifetime access to the blueprint material.

- I’ll teach you how to develop your mindset to help you get out of your own way.

If you're still reading, there's something holding you back.
You may be asking yourself...

Apply for The Wealthy Coach Blueprint today!

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