Steal my 2016 intention and tune into The Words + Money Podcast featuring, Yours Truly

Does anyone even set New Year resolutions anymore? Or are we all just agreeing as a society that New Year resolutions only last for the month of January (if we’re really dedicated) and then we spend the next 11 months feeling like major failures?

I’d like to make an announcement: Forget resolutions. Take the pressure off. Set an intention with me.

Yep, that’s what we’re going to talk about today, the importance of setting intentions for your year, and how my 2016 intention can help you gain control of your personal finances (so feel free to snatch it for yourself).

Intention setting isn’t about “manifesting things from the universe,” though I do like to manifest coffee and doughnuts from the universe just about every day. Intention setting is more about giving your objectives a ‘why’. You’re providing purpose to the way you reach an end result. Your intention setting is not goal setting, and thus, it’s not future oriented or outcome oriented. It’s more about adding purpose to the day-to-day steps you need to take to get to any goal you may have set for yourself.

My 2016 intention: Action is the Answer.

In order for me to meet my goals for 2016, I’ve set the intention of “action is the answer” to encourage me on my journey to meet those goals.  This intention applies to nearly everything we procrastinate in our daily lives. You know the feeling of really needing to workout, but also really wanting to vedge out? I’m willing to bet you’ve never gotten dressed, started your car, driven to the gym and then decided to bail on the whole “working out thing.” Guess what? You haven’t even done the workout yet, you just took action and got yourself started in the process to workout.

Or what about that one thing you know will improve your life if you could only begin like learning the guitar, starting a blog, or reorganizing your closet? What’s holding you back?

(Think about that for a second, then continue reading).

Here’s the cold, hard truth: There is never a right time, place, or a ‘how-to guide’ for every situation. Some of the biggest things we procrastinate in life can only be accomplished if we just get started, because action is the answer.

Now, this is a personal finance blog, and I am a personal finance coach, and you probably come here to read and learn about personal finance, and maybe to find out how many cookies and doughnuts I’ve eaten in the past week, in which case, I’m flattered. Taking action is very applicable to your personal finances. It’s a mindset thing, and it’s a “not wanting to face the truth” thing, and I totally get that. But if you want total control of your financial situation, action is the answer.

So this year, I challenge you to take action to understand your money matters.

  • Take inventory: How much debt do you have? What is your monthly income? Are you spending more than you’re bringing in on a month-to-month basis? Are you being honest with yourself and your spending? Are you saving enough for emergencies? Are you saving enough for retirement?
  • Learn about your options with your current situation: Do online research, read personal finance books, ask an advisor or a coach to go over your finances with you.
  • Be in control: Start to implement what you learned, work with a professional, coach, or advisor, and pay a small price to save big money now and in the future.

Am I stressing you out yet?! Don’t be! Because the fact that you are here, and you’re reading this, means that you have already taken action to improve your financial situation. So let’s keep going. If you love this, I have something exciting for you.

On Thursday, January 7th, I will be officially launching the first episode of The Words and Money Podcast! That’s right, You get to hear my raspy voice talk into a mic, listen to my corny jokes, hear me interview the most amazing personal finance lady-gurus, and just have a little party with me every Thursday where we’ll keep things weird, but educational at the same time.

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