*Warning: this post contains explicit language

I procrastinated writing this post – yes, this post! Quite possibly the easiest post I’ve written. What have I been doing?

Oh, just scuffling around my condo at night, in the slippers mom gave me for Christmas, laptop in hand, headphones plugged in, doing chores and watching the best new thing I've discovered since dry shampoo, Mozart In The Jungle on Amazon Video—it’s free with an Amazon Prime membership (Here's a 30-day Free Trial) which I pay to get the free shipping + free TV instead of cable—a money saving tip if you can forego your primetime sports and news.

Have you seen Mozart in the Jungle, yet? Were you a band geek of any nature growing up? An orch dork like me? If so—YOU MUST START WATCHING MOZART IN THE JUNGLE!

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled program.

My brother introduced me to this song, $ave Dat Money by Lil Dicky (“LD” for short), and we both agreed that it would be irresponsible for me not to write a blog post about all the things we can learn from Lil Dick's lifestyle. Take a look:

Learning Lesson: The Importance of Saving Money to Improve Your Life

Our first LD lesson is designating where the money is going—Are we spending money on our lifestyle or putting money to work for us so we can live a more fulfilled life?

What exactly do I mean by that?—We often get pressured by society to spend our money on things that inflate our lifestyle to portray how successful we must be. (In LD’s case, it’s the other rappers who are asking “where the gold at, where the clothes at, and where the dough at, baby?”)


Ay, where the gold at, baby?
Ay, where the clothes at, baby?
Ay, where the dough at, baby?

In the bank but you know I ain't tryna blow that, baby

Ay, we gon' save that money
Ay, we gon' save that money

These lifestyle items are often temporary and made up of material things—our clothes, our belongings, the apartment that we live in and the car that we drive. We feel the pressure to appear successful on the outside, when what matters in the long-term is how well we are doing within our bank accounts or retirement accounts to set ourselves up for success in the future.

But we don’t hear anyone saying “where the emergency savings at, baby?” – Am I right?!

Now, I’m not saying you should feel guilty for spending money on these lifestyle items or live like we’re penniless. After all, you need a place to live, a way to get to work, and clothes are generally necessary for everyday life, but money spending is all about moderation (just like dieting and drinking wine).

It’s okay to have nice things, but just make sure you’re taking care of yourself first and foremost. Set up that emergency savings plan, save for your goals, and invest in your future, then determine what your priorities are and what you can afford for your current lifestyle.

Because you'll feel so much better if you suck it up and live like a broke young-adult now (while socking away all that money..don't forget that), than to just be a broke adult in ten years.

Moving On – Money Saving Strategies from Lil Dicky

I’ve accumulated all the ways LD is saving money in life, according to this music video, and categorized them just for you. Some are absolutely ridiculous, but there are several money-saving strategies in here that I practice regularly. (I’ll denote them with a **). LD makes a good point, although he doesn’t come right out and say it, but it’s the point that I’ve heard from other people as well:

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.

So, perhaps you give a few of these a go…

On Food and Restaurants:


I'm a type of motherfucker that'll check the check
Do the math, I ain't never gettin' robbed
Those margaritas not goin' on my card**
I ain't 'bout to split a damn thing for convenience sake
I'm at the restaurant workin' that waitress

Free sandwiches, homie, two stamps away
Happy hour takin' out the chicken, I don't even care
That applies to both dating and wings


I ain't never hit a bar with a cover


General Tso, half a dozen on the stick


If you at a restaurant and got an iced coffee
And the waiter been refillin' that without a word of caution
And you get your fuckin' bill and you can see 'em double chargin'
For the coffee and you told 'em there's a problem
Sing along like
Ohh don't double charge for me for that
Don't double charge me, we like
Ohh don't double charge for me for that
Don't do it to yourself
Cause I might just ask what the ice cube's worth
What the ice cube's worth
That's the only differentiator making this a non-free perk
And I might make work more difficult for you than it need be
So think about it take a minute let it breathe B

But think about it bruh you saw me get the burger with the bacon on the side
After looking at the price of the side of just bacon
And comparing it to the what the difference in the cheeseburger
Vs. the bacon cheeseburger was and making my decision
I would hate to be the waiter trying to tell me something different

On Travel: 


Book flight December but I leave in May**(Technically 42 days out is the sweet spot)


Frequent flying like a motherfuckin finch tho**(I’ll write a post on this soon!)

On Shopping: 


Drugs are generic but still work the same**(Common, they have the exact same ingredients)


Single ply TP ass bleed


Coppin' sweaters in the summer with the sale on it**(Just smart thinkin)
The fuck you rappers bragging bout? You overpay for it


Low thread count, hard with the covers


Walgreens card shoppin' all the off brands**(Echoing the point above about generic drugs..)


Check the clothes in my drawers, I ain't playin' around
It's LD, lil boy, Mr. Hand-me-down

On Ways to Make and Grow Your Money:


Air B&B the mother fucker, least I'm never there**(A stellar way to make money AND friends!)

I'm not in Cali, why the fuck my company in Delaware?


401k rollin' over bands on it**(you know I’m a fan)

On General Lifestyle:


I've been savin' money since a motherfucker thirteen**(babysitter money, baby)
I wear the same pair of jeans everyday (doable, but please wash intermittently)


I get logins for Netflix from my cousin Greg**(mom)


I ain't parkin' that unless the meter green, homie
Hair cut several months in-between, homie**(this I am not entirely proud of…)
Hit the motherfuckin' lights when I leave, homie**(also good for the environment, I think?)
Peep matinees phone bill got the motherfuckin' fam on it


Free trial memberships though
I never join the shiz though
Fuck you think this is though?


My AC never doing nothing, blow fans


Boy go hard when collecting, got Venmo**(a great way to pay your frirends)


Dirty drawers gettin' worn, can you blame me now? (I don’t recommend…)

THE END…pretty much

(Lyrics courtesy of http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/lildicky/avedatmoney.html)

So friends—what do you think? Do you think Lil’ Dickey is insane? Do you think he has a point? What are you favorite ways of saving money? Let me know! I went through all this hard work and pressed pause and replayed this YouTube video about a hundred times for this very reason. So do me a favor and give me your 2 cents! (I mean, it’s just 2 cents…pretty cheap.)

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