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Ready to stop playing small in your coaching business? The world needs more money, financial, and wealth coaches, and your future clients are waiting on you! Wander Wealthy is a podcast and coaching practice that was once a money coaching business. This means, we know what you're going through, we relate to the struggle, and we are now dedicated to support you and bring more money coaches into the world.

Whether you're an aspiring coach, just getting started, or you've been in the coaching space and frustrated with your progress, The Wander Wealthy Podcast and The Wander Wealthy Programs will help you put together your life-changing offer, attract more clients, and make more money.

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Hi! I'm Tess,

I'm the founder of Wander Wealthy and The Wealthy Coach Blueprint. I know how it feels to be a new and frustrated money coach, to doubt your prices, your ability to create unforgettable results, and whether 1:1 coaching can really be a sustainable business model.

I considered myself an expert in the world of finance, and I desperately wanted to help others with their money, make a bigger impact (and income), and prove to myself that I had what it took to build my own coaching business.

But I had so much holding me back: 

  • my perfectionism
  • too many experts that I had oversubscribed to
  • shiny-object syndrome to the MAX
  • absolute zero clarity in who I wanted to help and how I could help them. 

Oh, and an internal dialogue that told me I’d never run a sustainable coaching business from Europe (where I was about to be living, indefinitely).


 All of this held true until I hit a breaking point where I made myself three big commitments: 

  1. To prove myself wrong about the sustainability of a virtual, overseas, money coaching business.
  2. To stick with ONE thing for a year, and make it the best ever.
  3. To leave my ego at the door, and get back to business marketing & sales basics when going all-in on my revamped coaching venture.

What happened next? Within 6 months, I had a fully booked-out client roster and built a sustainable coaching business where my clients were getting incredible results and referring others to me – all without working more hours, paying for ads, or getting certified. Soon, other money coaches started asking how they could replicate the same results in THEIR business.

So, I put together a program to teach my signature step-by-step process that has allowed me to build my booked-out coaching business in less than a year — and generate for me, a full-time income in my now very sustainable coaching business. That is how "The Wealthy Coach Blueprint" and all Wander Wealthy Programs were born!

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Wait, tell me about this blueprint...

The Wealthy Coach Blueprint is my signature approach to building a booked-out coaching business! It's been broken down into highly-effective, self-paced programs and products which you can find in The Wander Wealthy Store.

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The Full Story...

If you’re an aspiring, new, or current money coach wondering if it’s really possible, feasible, or sustainable to build a financial coaching business…

I want you to know it is 100% possible. I am proof.

Wander Wealthy has a long and winding history, but it has evolved to be a sanctuary of advice, insight, companionship, mentorship, and hope for all my fellow financial coaches in the world.

From The Wander Wealthy Podcast to The Online Coach’s Pricing Workbook to The Coaching Framework Builder, I hope you can find what you’re looking for and feel completely supported in building this life-changing, financially-focused, service-based business.

For now, I want to share my full story with you. The one that includes the highs AND the lows. The successes AND the mistakes.

I want to share my journey with you, so that if you're at any point on this path, you know there is a light at the end of this tunnel and you're getting closer to it with every step you take.

And if you're looking for a mentor to guide you, to help you skip the mistakes that lead to my biggest setbacks, and collapse the time it will take to get to your booked-out coaching business... you'll know that I'm the coach you've been looking for!

I believe the world needs more money coaches. And we all have a story to share...

Here's mine.

I got my start with money when I picked Actuarial Science as my college major.

(It's gaining in popularity, but if you're like "wtf is that?" think: if Finance and Statistics had a baby... Actuarial Science would be born.)

I didn’t fully know what it was but I always loved the idea of being a business woman, I was good at math, and I thought it’d be worth a try.

After graduating I moved to Chicago to start my career as an actuarial consultant.

At the same time, I had a mentor who cracked open the door to entrepreneurship for me. I attended one of his conferences that leaned into leadership and entrepreneurship and met my post-graduation roommate who was making great money and had a lot of flexibility as an independent contractor.

I was very interested in what she was doing, but committed to my career as an actuary for another two years.

Honestly, I had a great job, solid career path, and a comfortable life... But deep down, I was SO unfulfilled.

I felt like I was watching other peoples’ dreams unfold before me.

The hobbies didn’t cut it though... mostly because I had a dedication to "perfectionism" which made me prioritize a career path that didn't fulfill me, over all of my self-care (even sleep).

I remember my dad telling me that I better enjoy what I did for a living because I'd likely be doing it for the rest of my life. (I took this as his sign of approval to take a chance and find out what I really wanted to do.)

I'd spend my days in my cubicle dreaming of a different life. I'd tune into podcasts like The Tim Ferriss Show and Lewis Howes’ School of Greatness. I was clearly very interested in entrepreneurship, but felt like the stories of female entrepreneurs were not being told.

In early 2015, my roommate Amanda, our friend Molly, and myself began a podcast called She Did It Her Way. (A show committed to telling the stories of female entrepreneurs.)

That gave me something to do besides thinking about how much I disliked my work, and it showed me that I could create amazing things outside of the actuarial world.

During that time, I also decided to invest a lot of money into an online coaching program that gave me the opportunity to be surrounded by other dreamers and risk takers.

It was the kick-in-the-pants I needed to do something I never thought I'd do...

I saved up a hefty emergency fund, leveraged my condo by renting out my spare bedroom, took a leap of faith and left my job in May 2015

It was terrifying to leave a career I had spent 6 years and countless hours committed to, while not having much of a plan.

I really didn’t think I had any “non actuarial” skills. I felt so much imposter syndrome recognizing that I was young and didn't have much experience.

But I chose to take advantage of the new-found space I had created for myself and give something new a shot. (I was also getting pretty desperate to start bringing in cash... not having an income scared me in the beginning.)

Through the podcast, I got connected to someone who was building a content marketing agency, and I applied as a content strategist for her company.

The incredible Ashley Logan took a shot with me and brought me on as a contractor for her company, Yakkety Yak, for almost two years. Through this experience, I received much of the validation I needed. The job showed me that I had skills beyond just doing data and crunching numbers in my cubicle.

I learned so much about creating content, niching, market research and all things copywriting from this opportunity. I also got a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to scale a business to 6- and 7-figures.

It was at this moment where I started thinking again about how I could build a business of my own... but I instantly got overwhelmed because there were so many options to pursue.

I knew one thing: That I wanted to create a platform to help people like me - young professional women who were just getting started in their careers but lacking the mentorship that would help them navigate the peaks and valleys of adulthood... More specifically: I wanted to help millennial, career-driven women better optimize their money.

Because my background was in finance, and managing my money happened to be a "hobby" of mine (#nerdalert!) I knew this was a place where I could really make a difference in my own way. So I got to work with my brainstorming.

That's when The Wander Wealthy Podcast (originally, The Words and Money Podcast) was born! 

When I launched it, I didn't consider myself an expert at all when it came to finances, and I was so scared of people thinking, “Who is she to start a podcast?” I decided to start out by interviewing other experts on the show. (and hardly ever promoting it because: helllooo imposter syndrome)

But at least I had started something, and after a couple of months, it began to grow. I was creating a small platform with content, and I could see it was making an impact on other's lives. The only problem was... I had no idea how I was going to make any money.

And I really needed to make some money!

So I did what soooo many aspiring, new, and frustrated money coaches do.

I'd try things, but if it wasn't immediately a success, I'd give up and move on to the next strategy or tactic that I saw others doing or selling to me.

With my 1 to 2 clients, I was convinced that money coaching wasn’t a scalable business model. I didn’t even attempt to try, I just reverted to creating a new course or chasing a new business idea.

And I felt like I could never crack the code on how to make a bigger impact AND make a decent living online. (How did everyone else make it look so easy?!)

Coaching was what I enjoyed, but I told myself it was too time consuming and not sustainable.

Travel and the potential of living abroad were some of the main reasons and motivators for me to leave the corporate world and become an entrepreneur in the first place.

And here I was making up excuses for why it wouldn’t work, even before I gave it a real shot. 

I was tripping over the “Start” line, and eventually, I was sick of making excuses for myself, I was sick of being oversubscribed to 93472 different strategies and tactics to make money, and I was sick of not helping as many people as I knew I could!

I made 3 key decisions that turned everything around:

As a result of those 3 key decisions...

I ended up proving myself wrong.


Within less than 6 months, I was running a booked-out Money Coaching Business.



The Wealthy Coach Blueprint

A roadmap for money coaches, wealth coaches, and financial coaches to feel truly supported and understood.

To be held accountable to take action and guided in building a business that helps others with their money.

And to feel really freaking confident about what they're offering.

Are You Ready?

One-on-One Coaching is Closed, but you can access my best stuff from The Wealthy Coach Blueprint through the various programs available in The Wander Wealthy Program Store.

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